As kids, we’re always told cheaters never prosper. And it’s true that, in the grand scheme of things, people who get things the easy way are usually never really happy with the results because we’re the kind of animals who thrive when they’ve earned something. Those are the rules, I don’t make them, but just look at at the lives of most people who lie, cheat, and steal their ways to success.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t steal to get a bunch of money and then actually work to build something great with it. Nor does it mean cheaters don’t prosper on a surface level: many people profit monetarily from their lies.

Like a good crime movie, the key is to only selectively lie,  have good intentions, or quit while you’re ahead, like most of these people did. Some of their lies were pretty darn brilliant and ended up being OK in the end, if you’re the “ends justify the means” type. Others told fibs that were kinda useless, but also downright hilarious.

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