But all of that changed a few months ago, when Jennifer received a text from Melda out of the blue. “Melda texted me asking me what my brother was up to these days,” she reveals. Apparently that seemingly innocent question was code for “She wants to start having babies right away,” at least from how Jennifer understood it.

The housewife, who describes the newlyweds as “my brother’s no spring chicken and neither is she,” couldn’t be happier with her successful arrangement. She says the couple is delighted with each other and, if this all goes well, it’ll mean she has an A-plus track record years from now when it’s time to start setting up her kids.

Unfortunately, Melda’s very hush-hush on social media — which might ultimately work in the couple’s favor — but in the event that she chooses to go public after her episode airs, fans can find her Instagram page here

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