4. Audits, which are mandatory.

Audits, AKA Scientology’s word for therapy sessions, are mandated by the church. In their words, these $800/hour sessions help members “find and handle areas of distress,” but for those of us in the know, they’re basically just hours during which Scientologists tape your secrets to blackmail you with if you ever threaten to leave Scientology later.

These sessions, which Leah says are administered to members as young as 6, last a minimum of two and a half hours. If you’re rich and don’t want to spend much time on Scientology, intensive auditing is the fastest (but most expensive) route to clear.

5. If Scientology suspects you’ve broken any church rules, you also have to pay for a secondary audit called a “Sec Check.”

If you’ve seen Going Clear, you might remember how Scientology administrators perform “security checks” on members they suspect are having doubts about the organization or are potentially breaking the church’s rules. These intensely long sessions consist mainly of auditors trying to get members to confess to their suspected wrongdoings. As Mike mentioned in Season 1 of the show, “Many times, an interrogator will try to get what they believe is the truth out and the subject will finally just tell them what they want to hear.” 

Costs of security checks are constantly changing, but you can be assured members foot these bills as well.

6. If you ever make it to the end of the course, you’ll still be hit with more fees.

The higher up the bridge you get, the higher the fees climb. When Leah and Mike met with a lady who made it all the way to OT VIII, she said the courses, like the books, are subject to frequent updates, and so she had to pretty much start back at square one the second she was done. 

She also had to live on a boat called the Freewinds for the duration of her enrollment in the OT VIII course, which is why it comes iwth that six-figure price. It pretty much goes without saying the boat is chartered at the members’ expense. 

Although it’s tough to calculate the exact amount an average person spends on the religion, just the cost of courses to get to level OT VIII come out to about $460,805.50, per one redditor’s calculations. “However, the OT has likely spent 3-4 times that much on donations, auditing, sec-checks, lodging during courses and travel,” they explain.

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