When I first discovered that Andy Samberg would be starring in a cop comedy show that also starred Terry Crews some years ago, I was very, very excited. Since Brooklyn Nine Nine debuted, I’ve been a fan of the show, gobbling up the episodes, falling in love with its characters, and enjoying all the cold opens and sharp, irreverent, and downright silly comedic writing. It’s awesome to see how much life is squeezed out of every situation in the show.

So, like many other fans, I was crushed when it was announced that the show would be canceled. Despite how great it was, the show apparently wasn’t pulling in the numbers Fox wanted, but that cancelation was a short-lived one, because it only took 31 hours for BK99 to find a home on NBC. All of the publicity behind the show’s “revival” has generated additional buzz for its upcoming sixth season, but in all honesty, all the show really needs to win over new fans is for them to just check out a few of the jokes, gags, and scenes from the program because, to be borrow a phrase from the WWE’s Triple H it is THAT…DAMN…GOOD!

I’ve scoured my memory and the internet for some of my most favorite moments from the show, and although I compiled over 100 different scenes I wanted to share, I had to cut it down to 50, which was no easy task, I assure you. It’s my pleasure to share them all with you before it debuts on Thursday, January 10 on NBC at 9 pm/ 8c. Just try and get through this list without laughing yourself silly.

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