A tai chi master stands in the ring against an amateur kickboxer and in just seconds he ended up flat on the canvass from a single punch.

Zhu Chunping, the 47-year-old master had been in the arts for decades while his 22-year-old opponent name Yao Hantian had been training for about a year.

At first, the two shook hands and briefly sizing each other.
5 seconds later, Yao throws a punch and instantly knocking out Zhu.
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Apparently, the two were purposely set against each other by the organizer to find out which was better suited for combat in Suzhou, China.

However, the one punch KO is the latest embarrassing loss for traditional Chinese martial arts and not long ago an MMA fighter brutally destroyed a self-proclaimed tai chi master and even challenge other Kung fu masters.

Via: Shanghai.ist