The beginning of this story sounds like the punchline of a joke: a woman ends up clogging a colonoscopy machine because of how “backed up” she was. That in itself is cause for laughter. However, her response to clogging the machine is what really make this story truly hilarious.

Most people, myself included, would cringe at the idea of being in such an awkward situation.

As much as we all laugh at dirty humor when we’re children (because poop jokes surely are no longer funny once we’ve reached adulthood, right?), we tend to be very squeamish whenever there’s a poop or bodily fluid incident that involves us directly.

So if I, like this woman, managed to clog a colonoscopy machine during a routine cleansing session, I’d probably just hang my head in shame and probably never return there again. Maybe even change my identity.

I probably wouldn’t leave a negative Yelp review of my experience, which is linked to my public profile online. Heck, I probably wouldn’t even leave a positive review because I don’t want people knowing that I’m getting that procedure done in the first place!

But this woman, so dissatisfied that her session was “cut short” due to the fact that she clogged it, elected to voice her displeasure online.

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