A man in India was nicknamed “Alien” due to his enlarged head is hoping to have a surgery so he can find love and get married.

  • Man was called “Alien” for having a large head like the extra-terrestrial being.
  • Due to his mystery condition Anshu Kumar has deep set and narrow eyes in his enlarged head and is unable to grow more than a thin strip of hair on top of it
  • Anshu I desperate for surgery so he can live a normal life and have a family
Anshu Kumar, 22, mystery condition giving him deep set and narrow eyes in his head, a thin strip of hair on his scalp and most of all a large skull which is putting women off.

The laborer from Punjab, India is desperate to have an operation so he could get married but earning just £50 per month, Anshu can’t afford to visit a specialist doctor who could diagnose his condition.

Anshu said, “I like to hang out with the children in my neighborhood but often go for long walks alone. I go to the local factory for work each day, spending nine hours there.”

He added: “I wish to get cured as early as possible, so I can marry and have a family.

“This is my ultimate dream. Wherever I go, people call me alien. They think I’m out of this world and consider me an extra-terrestrial.

“Due to my strange and big head, people gave me this nickname. When I was born, my parents consulted with a doctor, but he told them the disease is incurable.”

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Anshu is hoping the government will step in and help fund his treatment, so he can live a normal life.

Via: Mirror

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