Unlike other people in this list, Oscar Andersson wasn’t beating around the bush when he asked the internet for $100,000 to help make him rich. “This started out as a joke to myself ‘this can’t be possible’ but then I thought to myself, people buy stupid s–t every single day,” he wrote on his GoFundMe. “There’s apps that costs hundreds of dollars and they literally do nothing but give you a wallpaper stating that you spent money on something useless, people donate millions of dollars to Twitch streamers everyday and we all (me included) buy that daily snack, drink or whatever that we don’t really need. What if you just saved in on that one dollar and gave that to me.”

Looks like people aren’t willing to fork over their cash, though, Currently, he has only $5. But hey, his campaign pretty much sums up everyone else’s in a nutshell.

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