“Like you want to come at me? I’m ready,” Jennifer tells co-star Teresa Giudice after reading the column titled, “Does Giving Too Many Gifts Create Spoiled Children?” 

Teresa understands why Jennifer was upset, adding, “You never talk about husbands or children.” 

So, what exactly did Jackie write about Jennifer in her article? 

Jackie writes a “Minivan Musings” column for NorthJersey.com. While she never mentions Jennifer directly in her article published on May 11, it is pretty obvious the Turkish housewife is the main subject. 

“I recently took my kids to a family get-together at my new friend’s home, and when we pulled up to her enormous estate, her adorable children ran to greet us at the door,” Jackie wrote. “As they led us through one tremendous room after another, past the gym and spa, we arrived at the double-level play wing, equipped with an indoor basketball court, movie theater and a bouncy castle bigger than my home.”

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