According to the Globe Post Turkey, Netflix was initially not happy with the first five episodes and the original director, Can Evrenol, so he was replaced by directors Umut Aral and Gönenç Uyanık, who reshot the scenes and completed the series. 

Who is the Immortal in The Protector

Hakan is convinced that Mazhar, Faysal Erdem’s chief of security, is the Immortal since he was the one after the talismanic shirt, and pretty much the perfect villain. However, Hakan is shocked to discover Mazhar is not the last surviving Immortal — after he killed him without the dagger needed to slay the Immortal. 

Hakan quickly discovers his boss and billionaire businessman, Faysal, is the real Immortal and had Mazhar working for him to find the Protector. Hakan sets out to confront Faysal but he has already taken his girlfriend, Leyla, hostage. To try to save her life, Hakan agrees to give the Immortal his mystical shirt, the dagger, and some of his blood. Turns out, Faysal just wants to bring his wife back from the dead. 

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