Netflix is going out on a high note this year with the success of Bird Box and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Both have spawned a ton of memes, but none of them touch the running “can’t hear, can’t speak, can’t see” gag taking Twitter by storm.

Viewers noticed a theme shared by Bird Box and two other films, A Quiet Place and 2016’s Hush. In the latter, a deaf woman unwillingly enters into a game of cat and mouse with a murderer, while A Quiet Place sees a family struggling to thwart monsters by staying completely silent. Meanwhile, The Entity driving people to mass suicide in Bird Box can only be avoided if you don’t see it.

The “three wise monkeys” aspect of this accidental trilogy has spawned a ton of hilarious tweets from humorous users adding a “fourth” item to this list. Check out all the best iterations below.

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