However, this clearly wasn’t the plan with the clueless guest. The bride asked her wedding planner to deal with the awkward situation, but it soon became clear the woman, with babe in arms, wasn’t leaving quietly. 

“I could tell they were arguing with my event planner though so I went over to help him. I think they thought I came to rescue them because they started going on about how rude my event planner was. I explained that I had actually sent him over to discuss the children. I reiterated that the event was child-free and said that I had stated so clearly on my invitations.”

“Finally I snapped and said that they just needed to go, which, thankfully they did without much more noise. Still, the whole scene was incredibly embarrassing which is exactly what I wanted to avoid,” the bride adds.

She concluded with the question, “Was I the a–hole for making them leave?” and it seems most, if not all, felt she was totally within her rights to ask the couple to leave. 

“Yeah for them to argue about it was even more outrageous. You don’t have to explain or justify why you didn’t want kids at your own wedding,” said one user.

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