Wendy and Kevin have been married for a long, long time, and rumor has it that Kevin’s been fooling around with a mistress for a while now. To top it all off, Kevin has not only been hooking up with a side-chick, but she lives just down the street from his marital home. Talk about scandalous.

Gossip blog lovebscott.com reported that Kevin’s alleged mistress is pregnant and still living in that same house down the street, much to Wendy’s dismay.

In fact, the same source indicated that the news is affecting Wendy’s work so much that the TV host has resorted to “self-medicating” on set and has become somewhat of a terror to work with. From “cussing” out Whoopi Goldberg behind her back to walking around “wobbly” from prescription pills and “zoning out” during taped segments.

Wendy attributed her health issues to Graves Disease, something she openly discussed on her program. If this source is to be believed, Wendy’s illness has less to do with her on-set behavior and more to do with unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with the grief of a marriage that’s deteriorating.

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