“I am hurt, bewildered, angry and irritated.

So, I have been planning my wedding for about three months so far. My fiancé and I planned an engagement-celebration and I specified on the invitation that we were requesting cash only in lieu of gifts. We have a mountain of debt and would like to start our marriage with a fresh slate and figured this would be a great opportunity to do so. Well, the party was last night and not one person brought us cash.”

My favorite line is the “mountain of debt” one. Welcome to the club, lady.

She continued to indulge her ire and state her case, saying that her ungrateful guests had the nerve to bring her gifts that her and her husband-to-be had little use for.

“They all brought small gifts that serve no purpose to us and it was hard for me to mask my irritation. We invited upwards of thirty people, most of which showed up and all we got out of it were some household items that we already have. I still tried my best to enjoy the party, but by 9pm I was over it and went to bed. The next day, after spending most of the night furious, I sent out a mass text basically asking guests I was close with where the miscommunication happened in our gift requests.”

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