As it turns out, other users have reported different endings and the results they received after inputting different passcodes, like user Niceptic who said, “I did the TOY ending, and after the credits there’s a random scene of Stefan on the bus, but instead of the player choosing what he listens to, he listens to the sounds of Bandersnatch, which are just computer sounds.”

Other users referenced the LSD scene in the film where hidden sounds were placed in the movie for viewers to decode, which reportedly lead to a QRCode that, when scanned, brought viewers to the Nosedive game online, a nod to the excellent and strangely uplifting Bryce Dallas Howard episode.

Which one is the “real” ending?

There’s a lot of debate as to which ending fits in with the theme of the film best and what Charlie Brooker “intended” to be the movie’s best ending, and different people gave their arguments. Some said any ending that brings you the “final” credits means that you’ve solved the game/movie and have reached its inevitable conclusion.

There are many who feel the “train” ending is the actual ending to the film, as Stefan’s entire reason for creating the game was to find his mom and when he does, he’s redeemed.

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