Melissa continued, “Second of all, yes, there are partners, obviously, that we’ve gone into it with,” she added, later elaborating: “We were having issues with the management and the way they were running it. There were a couple shady things going on.”

However, she reassured fans the family would be back in the food business. “There is going to be a larger location,” she added. “The food’s amazing, the concept’s amazing, we need to regroup and make it bigger and go down the street and do it solely on our own.”

How much does Joe make on RHONJ?

It is reported that Joe makes roughly $45,000 a season for his work on the reality TV series while his wife, Melissa, allegedly makes upward of $600,000 a season. 

However, the couple is said to be heavily in debt — to the tune of $1.5 million — and are selling their New Jersey home to help. Melissa has denied the claims, telling media outlets that they are selling their mansion to move to California before changing her story. 

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