Most stories about flight attendants run the gamut from heroics to downright deplorability, like that one airline employee who saved a girl from being human trafficked, and that infamous United Airlines attendant who was caught being drunk on the job.

We rarely hear stories however about people doing nice things for the attendants who take care of us while we’re flying in a tin can up above the clouds.

In addition to receiving an average salary that wouldn’t exactly knock your socks off, flight attendants work some pretty crazy hours — it’s the nature of their job. Constantly traveling at all times of the year can take a toll, not just physically, but also emotionally. Not getting to spend the holidays with loved ones can really dampen one’s spirit after a while, which is probably why Hal’s story is touching so many people.

When he found out his daughter, Pierce, had no choice but to work a total of six flights over two days during Christmas, he was sad he wouldn’t be able to spend some quality time with her. That is, until he got a bright idea: if Pierce had to be on a plane for two days, then why couldn’t he Hal just bring the holidays to her at 33,000+ feet in the air? Andd that’s precisely what he did.

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