The docuseries followed Stacy as she prepared to give birth to the couple’s first child —and Leslie, as she transitioned from male to female. All along the way, Stacy was Leslie’s biggest supporter as she came out to their family and friends, considered undergoing facial feminization surgery, and even lost her job. 

Some viewers called out Leslie for being selfish at the time, and failing to put Stacy’s feelings into consideration on the show. 

“Leslie shouldn’t have transitioned until after the baby was born. I can’t imagine the stress it has caused on Stacey’s pregnancy. So selfish,” one fan commented on reddit. Another agreed, adding, “From what we get to see on the show, hormonal transitioning sure does look like a luxury they can’t afford at this time. I don’t know as it was truly financially realistic to try it before losing that job but, now? Holy cow. Leslie needs to grow up, put her big girl panties on, and find less expensive ways of expressing her femininity. That and hit the bricks and find a job.” 

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