One of the hottest items people were looking for during Black Friday 2018 were deals on Apple AirPods. It’s understandable why these Bluetooth headphones are such a hot commodity. They pair perfectly with that shiny new iPhone XR or XS (and all other iPhones), and they also have some cool features, like auto-pausing music when you take them out, immediately syncing to your nearby Apple devices.

So what if they look kind of dorky sticking out of your ears, and are really, really easy to lose unless you’ve got an anti-loss AirPods strap, which just turn your shiny little new pieces of tech into every other wireless bluetooth headset out there, or the fact that they’re pretty darn pricey and it’s still unclear to a lot of people what the button on the AirPods case actually does.

It doesn’t change the fact that tons of people got them as Christmas gifts and there’s a slew of absolutely hilarious memes about them floating around the internet.

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