If you’ve been sleeping on Terrace House, it’s time to stop. The newest season of Opening New Doors is now on Netflix and it’s the best binge of the season. Possibly the most enjoyable part of this show — which follows six Japanese millennials who live together in a beautiful suburban mansion — is the panel of hosts who intermittently comment on the drama as it unfolds.

Panels are common on Japanese television, but the chemistry of the Terrace House hosts is particularly pleasurable to watch. These commentators, who are from different cities and of different ages, provide recaps, anecdotes and their own perspectives on the housemates. Without them, Terrace House would easily be just another subpar reality dating show.

Plus, during the newest season of Opening New Doors, the panelists watch the housemates watching them, which creates a trippy room-of-mirrors effect and an awkward, self-conscious tension among them. Moments like this make Terrace House an absolutely stand-out show that is completely unlike anything we’re exposed to on American TV.

And — with the exception of young Ayumu, who left the panel once the commentary became a bit risqué for the then-15-year-old — the same trusted crew has led us through hundreds of Terrace House episodes since she show began back in 2015. 

Keep reading to learn about each one.

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