Say what you want about hunting in today’s day and age. It seems a bit counterproductive to waste so much time stalking animals for food in 2018 when you can easily just go to the supermarket. Maybe spend that time gaining new job skills that’ll net you a higher salary so you can be an even better provider. But this is 18th-century France we’re talking about, and being able to make sure you’re well fed is a very good skill.

Plus, Gaston is genetically gifted. Medicine at the time wasn’t exactly helpful and being a healthy specimen spells wonders for your potential offspring, if you’re planning on having kids. Speaking of kids: this shows he’s ready to commit. How many guys you know in this day and age who are willing to be in it for the long haul from the get-go?

If Gaston had a Tinder account, it wouldn’t just be a bunch of shirtless selfies, even though he has a rocking bod: the dude’s a popular guy. Sure, he might strong-arm everyone into being his pal, but he also has to have some level of charm if so many people want to be his pal. Let’s also not forget the fact that the man’s got a pair of pipes on him. Talk about multi-talented.

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