So, did Amber Quit ‘Teen Mom’ or what?

During a tearful sit-down with Dr. Drew and Nessa, Amber seems to feel the producers applied a double-standard when they gave her a week off shooting to deal with her PPD, while co-star Catelynn Lowell, who also suffered the disorder, was given a month off. 

However, as Drew points out, Catelynn went to an inpatient treatment program, which is why she was given that time away from filming. It’s unlikely the program would have even permitted the presence of cameras.

“Would you like to go to treatment?” Drew asks, adding that he thinks it would be great if she did. Amber seems to take that as proof of the nagging feeling she’s been having: that nobody would miss her if she left the show. 

Even when Drew says he would miss her “profoundly” and Nessa agrees, the 27-year old says “I just feel like nobody would.”

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