As of now, more than 100 separate donations have been made, with $24,000 raised for the young man. Local authorities are directing those who want to help Lin to send their money to an official account, but a large number of people are seeking out the young man in person.

The ones who did find him at his home were greeted with a metal shack. That’s right, despite all of their work, Lin, his mother, his older brother (who also works), and sister, all live in a home made out of sheet metal.

Some other good news to come out of the unfortunate accident: the College Lin was forced to drop out of invited him to come back, so he has a chance to finish school and perhaps become eligible for better-paying positions. He certainly has earned a reputation as a hard worker: the man almost died to fulfill an order. Hard to find many employees who are as dedicated as that.

There are social media users who are also calling on the Ferrari owners to forgive Lin’s debt entirely.

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