Whoever you think you’re fooling at work with your pre-holiday productivity, it isn’t me. I know you’ve spent the last week reading articles that have nothing to do with whatever you do, and don’t think I don’t know at that this very moment, you’re scrolling through memes on your phone while everyone around you thinks you’re taking meeting notes.

Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. So safe, in fact, that I will ask you not to stop your unproductive streak so that I can brighten the rest of your day with Christmas memes that you might not have seen yet. 

From ugly sweaters and cats destroying Christmas trees to that incredible feeling of finally being released from the office for Xmas (or, tragically not), here are 33 memes that’ll make your holidays a little cheerier, no matter what they have in store.

We all know someone who goes way too far with the spirit of the holidays.

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