Chelsea has been skinny shamed before… 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Chelsea’s weight has been criticized online by trolls. Back when she was known as Chelsea Staub — she changed her name after fans had trouble pronouncing her last name — fans called out the Disney Channel actress for her lean frame. 

“Chelsea Staub was prettier before she lost all that weight :/  she looks a bit unhealthy. Still love her though,” one person wrote on Twitter before another added, “Just saw a pic of Chelsea Staub at Disneyland and she is sooo skinny! I’m not normally one to comment on weight, but I’m scared for her!” 

A third chimed in, “Chelsea Staub has def lost a ridiculous amount of weight. If you watch Jonas and her old stuff, it’s like damn girl eat a burger.” 

Ouch. Can a girl live? 

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