Reboots might be all the rage in Hollywood these days, but the film, as evidenced by the end-credit scene solidifies that it is, indeed, part of the same Transformers universe that Michael Bay created. Nothing’s retconned.

The movie takes place in 1987, where a young girl, named Charlie, who’s on the brink of turning 18 discovers the yellow autobot in a junkyard. He isn’t hiding as a dope-looking Camaro, however, but rather a tiny yellow Volkswagen beetle.

After Charlie revives him, she soon discovers that Bumblebee is on the run from some baddies who really want to see the robot blown to smithereens. We soon learn Bumblebee was sent from his home world of Cybertron ahead of time to scout and create a home base for the Autobots. Charlie, a mechanic, aids him in escaping from a top-secret military outfit along with two Decepticons who all want a piece of our Bumble Boy.

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