The trailer for the new MIB film, Men in Black: International just dropped and people have a lot to be excited for, even if Will Smith isn’t in it. First off, the movie’s directed by Felix Gary Gray, whose film repertoire is what I’d like to call, and this is no understatement, ridiculous.

The man directed the indie-smash, cult-classic, genre-defining Friday. Then he goes on to do larger-scale projects like The Italian Job, The Fate of the Furious, and Law Abiding Citizen. Oh, and if you liked Straight Outta Compton, then yeah, he’s responsible for that, too.

That’s just the direction of the film (which is arguably, everything), but then there’s casting, which looks absolutely amazing. Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth will be joining forces again in an entirely different franchise. We saw the two of them perform wonderfully together in Thor: Ragnarok and the casting gods have decided to bless viewers with their joint presence in another cinematic venture.

My personal favorite discovery from the new trailer is that Liam friggin’ Neeson is in the movie. I’m assuming he’s joined MIB because a bunch of aliens kidnapped his daughter or something, but that’s pure speculation.

As awesome as the casting for the movie series is, and how good it looks from the trailer, fans all over have one very big question:

Is Will Smith in the new Men in Black film?

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