Danielle also reassures skeptics what they see on television is real. 

Danielle met Mike more than 15 years ago when they were both going after the same “find” and struck up a conversation. It wasn’t long before Danielle was managing Antique Archaeology —  and stealing the spotlight on American Pickers.

“There are rumors as to whether the business is real or if it’s just for TV. It is real, we actually do work there, we do depend on it for our livelihood,” she told the Chicago Times Free Press.

There is one small part of the show that is staged… 

Frank revealed that the transportation scenes on the show don’t show the full extent of the caravan required to film a show on the road. 

“Fritz joked that when you see them load an antique into their white van on the show, they often take it right back out of the van once the camera’s turned off and put it into the larger U-Haul truck,” Hoopla reported. In fact, there is actually a fleet of vehicles that include multiple vans, a U-Haul truck, and a motorhome. 

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