“Taylor’s mom will pick some fans to do the meet-and-greets, so the crazier your outfit is, the more likely she’ll find you in the audience,” Ceci explains. “People are aiming to take it all out so she can spot them in the audience.”

Her fans wear “all-original outfits that they sew” and craft from scratch, which are meant to “portray some version of Taylor, whether it be her in a music video or some obscure reference to something she’s said.”

“People get really creative,” laughs Ceci. “I have a family friend who’s a big Taylor fan and she dressed up like a lobster. I asked her [about] the lobster outfit and she said there was a music video where Taylor is holding a lobster?” We laugh about this very obscure reference. “But, the people have the wildest outfits.”

Committed Swifties come back year after year for Taylor’s performances, hoping to secure a spot in the Rep Room. “There were people I met who could come up to me and be like, ‘Yeah, I came to four of the shows’ and they were right up at the front, and I was like, ‘Wow, you really shelled out a lot, you must be a very committed fan,” Ceci recalls. 

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