Anyone who tells you that parenting is easy either doesn’t have kids or is a bold-faced liar. Children are born with endless enthusiasm, drive, and passion, and they use all of these natural talents to obfuscate, confuse, and manipulate everyone around them into getting what they want.

So a line must be towed by parents who have the choice to either appease their kids or tough out the tantrum and correct their behavior.

Every parent would like to think they’re doing a good job, but there’s always those bouts of nervousness that creep up out of nowhere and you’re wondering whether or not you’re ultimately scarring your kid for life and setting them up for a lifetime of failure.

That feeling usually subsides by the time the mac n cheese cools down and it’s time for them to eat, but it doesn’t make it any less palpable.

That results in some parents going to some pretty extreme lengths to ensure their children don’t grow up to be huge losers, which also results in some punishments many people find questionable, stupid, or downright abusive.

Take this dad, for example, who was furious to discover that his daughter was “messaging boys” on the school computer she brought home. 

Understandably, most parents would be scared to discover their children are growing up and expressing romantic interests in other people.

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