Judging from Colton Underwood’s very brief relationship, you wouldn’t think Cassie Randolph would be his “type.” However, the blonde beauty is an early favorite on Season 23 of The Bachelor

We won’t spill any finale spoilers yet — if you want to find out who Colton ends up with you read it here — but fans are already talking about Cassie since the list of ladies competing on the reality dating competition was leaked. 

So, why is Cassie, a 23-year-old ESL teacher from Huntington Beach, CA, high on Bachelor fans’ brackets? Well, it’s pretty obvious one you stalk her Instagram page, which we did for research purposes only (sort of). 

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She’s got beauty and brains. 

Cassie is not only a ESL teacher at an adult school, she is also currently in grad school. Clearly, she takes her education very seriously — and that probably impressed Colton. “I need somebody who’s fun, spontaneous, outgoing,” Colton, 26, told Ellen DeGeneres of his dream woman. “Appearance-wise, it’s sort of all across the board. But I just need somebody who’s a good person and somebody who could be a good mother… I like to be challenged in a relationship, too. Somebody who can push me and allow me to grow and sort of take me out of my comfort zone at times.” 

According to her ABC bio, she is completing her degree in speech pathology and “open up a private practice to work with kids.” 

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Cassie can Hang 10 — that’s surf for you non-California natives. 

Just like Colton, Cassie is also very athletic and frequently shows off her surfing skills on Instagram. “heat waves < ocean waves,” she recently captioned a video of her on her surfboard. 

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She has a pretty cool sister. 

Now, we know Colton won’t be meeting Cassie’s family unless she makes it to hometowns, but if he does, he’ll most likely meet her younger sister Michelle. Michelle is basically a social media influencer with over 100,ooo followers on Instagram, and she is rumored to dating Gregg Sulkin (Bella Thorne’s ex). 

Cassie recently wished her sis a happy birthday on the social media platform, writing, “So lucky to be stuck with you our entire lives. Wouldn’t want to be in a rocking chair with anyone else. LOVE U more than life bb girl.” 

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And a cool cat. 

Goose has made several appearances on Cassie’s Instagram, and TBH, he steals the spotlight. And while Colton might be more of a puppies guy — at least judging from his “puppy love” Bachelor promo — we have a feeling he will get along with Cassie’s cat just fine. 

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Plus, she’s got the wedding experience. 

If Colton wants someone ready to walk down the aisle, then Cassie is definitely his girl. She was just the maid of honor for her BFF and she gushed about the experience on Instagram. “My gorgeous best friend got married this last weekend,” she wrote. “Jacq, you were an absolutely STUNNING bride. Your friendship means the world to me and it was such an honor to stand with you as you married the man of your dreams (literally #sean). I could not be happier for both of you! #guttygetsabuddy.” 

Don’t worry Cassie, you just might be next! 

So, does Colton get engaged to Cassie on The Bachelor


Source: Instagram

If you’re not one to wait until the finale to find out the winner, you will be excited to know that Cassie is reportedly engaged to Colton. According to Reality Steve, after Colton’s very first overnight date in Portugal with Cassie, the former NFL player decided Cassie was the one and sent the other two finalists home. 

This means, that for the first time in Bachelor history, there was no final two and there won’t be a final, drawn out, rose ceremony in the finale. We guess Colton couldn’t wait to make Cassie his fiancée. Previously, RS predicted Cassie would be the winner based on his insider sources. “I will be stunned if Cassie Randolph doesn’t win,” he wrote at the time. “The one thing I heard a few weeks into filming more often than not was, ‘Cassie is gonna win, and Caelynn will be Bachelorette’… I’ve been hearing Cassie is going to win since mid-October.” 

So congrats to the lovebirds! Watch The Bachelor premiere Monday, January 7, at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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