Since then, speculations about Shelly’s well-being have been all over the map. Some ex members believe she was in “The Hole” (pictured above), a facility within the Gold Base in Gilman Hot Springs, CA. It’s reportedly about as pleasant as it sounds and former members claim it’s where high-ranking members are sent for punishment and humiliation for perceived transgressions. Others think she was sent away to the Lake Arrowhead property Mike mentioned. 

Some even speculate she has passed away of cancer which, by the way, is a disease Scientologists believe is caused by Body Thetans. Those are the entities Scientologists believe they “clear” through auditing. 

As for the LAPD’s claim that they made contact with Shelly in 2013, their statement didn’t specify what kind of contact they made, and whether they had a face-to-face conversation with someone whom they positively IDed as Shelly Miscavige. Leah has made it clear she won’t rest until she gets verifiable proof of life for her friend.

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