Will Laura be fired on Below Deck

As we mentioned above, Kate gave Captain Lee an ultimatum, seemingly asking him to choose between her and Caroline. We don’t see Captain Lee firing another crew member this season, especially given Kate’s tendency to never get along with her third stew. 

Fans will remember her dislike of Amy Johnson from Season 2 — and Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, Sierra Storm, and Jennifer Howell in subsequent seasons. However, Kate has since mended her relationships with Amy and Jennifer. “I’m really sad that Amy’s not here, but I also know that she has a really gorgeous, younger South African boyfriend, and they are working on a yacht together, so she has sailed off into the sunset and is very happy,” she said in 2016. 

As for her most recent third stew, Caroline, Kate only has nice things to say… now. “I wish the best for her. I like her.”

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