Admittedly, this is more of a context error than a bad lipreading, but one person shared what happened when they welcomed their friends back home from a vacation in Africa. 

“A group of us went out to eat while they regaled us with stories of their trip,” they begin. “I turned away from them for a few minutes to make a comment to the person sitting next to me, and turn back in time to see them say, ‘…and while we were in Mombasa, we had really bad crabs.”

Sympathetic to their painful plight, this person jumped in to say, “Damn, I’ve heard those things itch like a motherf#(@@. How do you get rid of them?” What ensued was an “uncomfortable silence” while people tried to process what just went down.

Finally, someone who figured out they’d misunderstood the “type of crabs” they meant saved the day by saying, “No, not pubic crabs; the kind of crabs you eat!” 

Big whoops.

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