A Lifetime flick grabbed by Netflix,  for whatever reason I come back to this flick year after year. It’s not good — I mean, that’s a given, you know what this listicle is by now. But it’s comforting, familiar… basically Mean Girls if you added a decade, multiplied the seasonal cheer, and subtracted anything resembling humor or quality.

Still not convinced? Well, in it, auburn-haired Georgia reunites with her popular girl BFFs at their high school reunion. One’s a gorgeous and cruel blonde, one’s a significantly more idiotic blonde, and the other is a brunette with questionable taste in men. Entirely unprovoked and undesired, the quartet performs pop music remixes of Christmas carols, in costume of course. And Georgia even falls in love with Aaron Samuels! 

Like idk man, now that I think about it, it’s weird that I keep returning to a Mean Girls rip-off every Christmas. Maybe I can just save myself an hour and 27 minutes and just watch the video for “Thank U, Next” instead.

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