On HGTV renovation shows, couples are expected to have blind, unfaltering trust that their charismatic hosts won’t ruin their homes. And if you go against them or disagree with them on certain matters, you might get edited to look like an idiot.

“In the finished episode, they cut together this montage of me asking, ‘Well what about this? What about this?'” Cenate explained about his one negative experience filming Curb Appeal. “Then there’s a talking head of, ‘Sometimes the clients don’t know what they want. But it’s okay because we know what we’re talking about.’ That’s the one thing that’s like, ‘Come on!’ The montage of me asking about all this stuff they ended up ruining—it ends up with me looking like a moron when, in fact, it’s me being a conscientious homeowner. I guess that’s just how it goes. I have to be the dumb homeowner.”

However, editing might also make you look better.

“They do a lot of good things with the editing, too, by removing all the awkward silences when we’re just working along and looking stupid, or when we look like we don’t even like each other, ’cause that happened a lot,” Lori said. “[My husband] Chris was thrilled: he’s really quiet, and he was very happy with how much it looked like he was taking the lead and talking a lot, and I think they did a really good job capturing the real him.”

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