You might remember them from their only hit, “Lovefool,” a song that’s probably on every ’90s playlist. But the Swedish band felt pigeonholed by their massively successful single as they weren’t actually a pop band and no other tracks in their library even sounded similar to “Lovefool.”

“It took over our whole existence, and it wasn’t something we totally identified with,” lead singer Nina Persson told Billboard. “It wasn’t necessarily our character; it felt like a bit of a freak on the record — which, objectively, it still is.”

The song is actually quite dark when you listen to the lyrics, and the original U.K. version of the video is equally bleak. However, a cutesy video of the band floating in a boat was made specially for the U.S., and unfortunately, that’s still the image people think of when they think of The Cardigans.

But after “Lovefool,” the band released 1998’s Gran Turismo, an album that wasn’t successful in the States but proved that they were talented and deserved to not be dismissed as one-hit wonders. Although the band hasn’t released any new music since 2005, it’s never too late to discover their non-“Lovefool” music. You can start with “Erase/Rewind.”

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