According to many people who’ve experienced comas, it’s hard to tell reality from delusion once they’ve woken up. 

“My coma hallucinations and my first week post-coma blend together,” writes one survivor. “I saw all sorts of bizarre [things]; everything was scary but felt so real, even though it was surreal.” After their experience they now understand “why psychotic people can’t understand that they’re hallucinating”: It’s because “you don’t doubt your own eyes and ears.”

OK. This sounds actually terrifying.

Another person writes about their sister’s coma, during which she didn’t register anything happening around her, but vividly recalls the delusions she had while unconscious. “While in the coma, she believed she was in places she wasn’t,” they write. “In a kitchen, on a TV show, at a wedding, and so on.” 

According to this redditor, it’s a common misconception that things suddenly go back to normal for patients once they’re out of their coma. In reality, “the delirium lasts for weeks.” Two weeks after their sister was awake, “she still could not figure out where she was half the time.” Often, she was just trying to “go home,” and sometimes, she thought she was already dead.

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It seems like the inner workings of the brain are absolutely beyond any understanding or rationalization. Have you or a loved one ever experienced a coma? Share your experience with us.

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