This approach is so easy, it should be a classic breakup move, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it executed with such diligence.

After one woman was dumped by her fiancé a week before their wedding, she decided to make his life… not completely unbearable, but just insufferable enough.

“I subscribed him to the Watchtower (Jehovah’s Witness) and requested visits from them and Mormons, etc.,” she writes. After subscribing him to “pretty much every religious mailing list,” she also “used his email every time” she needed “to use an email to see stuff online.”

Sometimes, she even went out of her way to subscribe him to “anything from daily devotionals to Ashley Madison.” Obviously, the fun has to end someday, but not until all the anger is out of her system.


I wish you a long, tender and supportive relationship with the one you love. But if you do end up breaking up, I hope you exhibit the same hilarious and petty qualities as the breakup heroes above.

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