And of course, no disaster in Bake Off history could top #BinGate. During series 5 (collection 1 on Netflix), contestants had to make ice cream cakes during one of the hottest days of the year. As everyone fought over freezer space for their cakes, Iain Watters placed his Baked Alaska in a fridge being shared with fellow baker Diana Beard. When Iain went to retrieve his cake from the fridge, he found that someone had removed his cake and placed it on the counter. Although it was only sitting there for 40 seconds, the entire cake had melted. 

Furious, he demanded to know who took his cake out of the freezer. Diana, rather unsympathetically, said, “Don’t you have your own freezer?” Angry, frustrated, and now with a completely melted cake, Iain stomped over to the wastebasket and threw the whole cake away as he stormed out of the tent. Le gasp!

The judges later scolded him for throwing his cake in the bin and he was sent home, but viewers felt he was sabotaged. The whole incident became a meme as everyone vilified Diana and threw their support behind Iain. His melty trash can cake is now a permanent part of Bake Off history.

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