When Thanksgiving rolls around, if you listen closely enough, you can probably hear my brain getting audibly excited because it’s about to scarf down some delicious pumpkin pie. I’m talking about those wonderful $5 Costco ones that have no business being that cheap, that large, and that delicious.

But as much as I love me multiple helpings of some PP, there’s no doubt that the star of the show is the turkey. Sure, sides are amazing, but if your bird ain’t cooked to perfection, then Thanksgiving is kind of a disaster.

There are tons of ways to cook one — personally, Alton Brown’s recipe is my favorite and never ceases to disappoint with its unparalleled juiciness.  (brine that bad boy 48 hours in advance, people.)

Then there are some people who decide to go a little too “out of the box” when crafting their Thanksgiving turkeys, and the results are just ghastly.

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