If there is anything we have learned from binge-watching How Far Is Tattoo Far? it’s that the contestants don’t usually pick the most flattering tattoos for their partners. And contrary to online skeptics, the ink is very much real. 

However, that isn’t stopping fans from hoping to take part in the MTV reality series, hosted by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Nico Tortorella, and get a surprise tattoo courtesy of one of the show’s talented tattoo artists.

So, will there be a Season 2 of How Far Is Tattoo Far?

Yes, and if you are hoping for a “throuple” or garbage can tattoo of your own, you are in luck because of the show is currently casting for its next batch of contestants. Tattoo artist Jordan aka Dollarz Tatu, who inked Jersey Shore star Angelina Pavernick on the series, shared the exciting news on social media. 

Source: MTV

“One time for all of the skeptics! The tattoos on @mtv_tattoofar are very real!! Don’t believe me see for yourself,” he wrote. “These [people] sat for hours of tattooing while blindfolded. Don’t let your TV conspiracy theories discredit the contestants who really went through this experience. Thank you to all who took a risk and went for it and for those still in disbelief we are casting for Season 2 so sign up and find out first hand!!” 

Tattoo artist Travis Ross also urged his followers to apply for a chance to appear on the second season, adding, “What’s that!? You miss us already!? Well, don’t you fret because we are gearing up for Season 2 and will be back before you know it. If you think you have what it takes and a story to boot, come join us for season 2!!” 

How do you sign up for How Far Is Tattoo Far?

If you are willing to take the risk and get tattooed blindfolded, all you have to do is visit tattoofar.castingcrane.com and apply. You are required to be at least 18 years old, but the casting call is specifically asking for contestants that appear to be between the ages of 21-28. 

“Would you trust anyone enough to let them design you a new tattoo? Would that person trust you back?” the announcement reads. “We are casting fun and outgoing couples, friends, and family to take part in this headline grabbing series for MTV… Whether your idea is funny, crazy, or controversial, this is your chance to reveal a secret, surprise a friend, get revenge, or show some love and make a mark.” 

Source: MTV

Still unsure about signing up? Well, you could be on an episode with Nico and Snooki, who both hinted they might tattoo each other on the reality show next season. “We know it is happening at some point. Not this season, but maybe next season,” Nico admitted to Vulture. “We both are extremely empathic and spiritual. I feel like something along those lines.” 

Snooki agreed, adding, “We would do something very sentimental.” 

Unfortunately, a premiere date has not been released yet. 

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