Maybe you youngins’ don’t remember The Haircut That Changed A Nation, but when the titular Felicity chopped off her curls post-break-up with Ben, she turned a popular trope into a cultural firestorm. Fans revolted, ratings plummets, and Keri Russell’s life was never the same (although she did quite well on The Americans and is even starring in a new Star Wars,  thankuverymuch).

But yeah, it was bad. In 2016 Keri went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to share “A Message to My Younger Self” and really vouched hard on staying away from the scissors. 

“Your life is going to be so exciting, but whatever you do, don’t cut your hair short during the second season of Felicity,” she said. “No, I’m serious. People will freak the hell out. You’ll get hate mail. You’ll even get death threats. But, gradually, your hair will grow back and your fans will forgive you, but you will never — and I repeat never — forgive your fans.”

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