Parents agree this problem pretty much plagues them all. The reverse psychology solution? Make your kids think they can’t eat veggies, so they want them more. 

One redditor shared how she would only put vegetables on her own plate and not give any to her kids. When the kids would ask about them, she’d say, “That’s grown-up food. But I suppose I can let you have a little.” 

Another wrote about how he grew up believing broccolis were “flowers of the queen” and the queen would get very upset if he ate them. Of course, he ate them voraciously every time they were on his plate.

And let’s not forget the advice from sage Anthony Bourdain, who once said in an interview he would prepare his daughter any food she wanted, and cook a delicious dinner for himself. When the two would sit down to eat and she would inevitably ask what he was having, Anthony would respond something like, “Oh… this? You wouldn’t like it. Only adults like this.” And his daughter would want the adult food all the more.

Which kid, no matter how stubborn, doesn’t want to feel older?

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