Before the days of Google Images and celebrity fan-fiction, I had to cling to whatever magazine clipping of Leonardo DiCaprio I could find. Oh, the 90’s. It was a prime time for hotties, or at least for adorable boys with floppy center-parted haircuts. And though everything is monumentally harder than the days of Must See TV and we’re all so old we’re basically courting death, there is some good news. Some of the OG ’90s heartthrobs have matured beautifully, like a 1996 Cabernet Sauvignon. Which, hey, you can now legally drink while you’re binge-watching Dawson’s Creek!

Truly, there are so many unexpected delights that we have come with the passage of times. Saved By the Bell’s Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are all grown up and looking fine, although TBH I think there’s a clear winner in the Zack vs. Slater debate. And it’s damn shame we don’t get to see the king of Tiger Beat Jonathan Taylor Thomas anymore, because he’s still such a cutie. For real! Let’s go find him and date him, because it’ll probably be an easier endeavor than it was back then.

So for your nostalgic pleasure, here are some of the most popular hotties of the 1990s who have aged to near-perfection. 

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