Honestly, such a huge part of adulting is learning to feed yourself nutritious, tasty meals every day that aren’t just variations on mac n’ cheese. A more advanced part of adulting is learning to plan these meals in advance (meal prep, anyone?). 

Slow cookers take the spotlight in both arenas — you can make impressive meals for almost no money and very minimal effort, and you can prepare big batches of food to eat throughout the week.

As one redditor shared, “every Sunday, I throw together something like this for my whole week’s lunch:

– Fry and mince onions with garlic, pepper and salt until the oil is no longer brown.
– Chuck them in the slow cooker with a couple of cans of chopped tomatoes, basil/mixed herbs, splash of red wine, beef stock cube with some water, salt and pepper
– Stir every so often and chuck some more water in it if it’s looking dry
– Turn off slow cooker [a few hours later], boil a bag of paste and throw it in the slow cooker to sit overnight

Delicious throughout the week and costs absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.”

A decent slow cooker will put you out $18.44 on Amazon, and will save you hundreds (if not thousands) on eating out.

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