I’m convinced that parents have a sixth sense that informs them to walk into your bedroom whenever you’re seeing a movie or TV show and there’s a “dirty part” on the screen. Whether the hard-boiled cop is questioning a stripper at the club, or the film’s protagonists finally decide to break whatever sexual tension’s been pent up for the past 50 minutes to an hour, they will walk in on that part.

Even worse than the “walk-in” in my opinion, is when you commit to sitting down and watching a movie with your family and a scene comes on that makes everything awkward for all parties involved. At least with the “walk-in,” they yell at you and they’re gone — the moment’s over.

But when you’re actually sitting down and deciding on a movie with them, especially when you paid for it in theaters, you’re left with the memory of that embarrassing moment for the entire film. “Will another part come on? Where do I look? When will it be over?”

Merrit K, who works for VRV, decided to ask people on Twitter what their most embarrassing movie-watching experiences with their parents were, and you can feel the embarrassment pouring from out of your screen just reading these.

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