It’s been a busy few weeks for PETA and the seafood industry. On the heels of what became a heated Twitter feud with Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, who provoked a rise out of the animal organization when they tweeted “Come outside and show your face @peta,” PETA is making headlines again — and the reason is even more absurd, if you can believe it.

Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Maine just revealed the “humane” way they kill their lobsters, and the whole internet is now up in arms. According to Daily Progress, the Maine pound is using cannabis to try to make killing their lobsters a more ethical practice.

Owner Charlotte Gill, a registered medical marijuana caregiver, says she’s experimented with hot-boxing lobsters in the past, and claims the lobsters became noticeably calmer, per WMTW. “This restaurant was created on love,” she said to the source. “That is its foundation and purpose. The idea is for all that come here to be able to reconnect with things that we have perhaps forgotten about as a society and reconnect with the past.”


Boiling lobsters alive has caused a stir in the culinary world ever since we learned that the crustaceans experience pain. Switzerland outlawed the practice earlier this year, and Charlotte claims her innovative method of getting lobsters high was a direct response to that.

“If we’re going to take a life it should be done really humanely,” Charlotte told TODAY Food. “I see it in all these industries: Meat production, poultry. These animals go through tremendous suffering. If we do this … we can make it kinder.”

But will giving lobsters marijuana really help them die happier? The internet has its doubts, but PETA was quick to respond to the claim after it circulated widely. According to Marijuana Moment, the non-profit organization said: “It is highly unlikely that getting a lobster high would make a lick of difference when it comes to the full-blown agony of being boiled or steamed alive.”


They continued, “There is a well-established, foolproof way to prevent crustaceans from suffering, though, and that’s by not eating them.”

Savage. It seems like Charlotte’s ethical dreams for the lobsters got crucially shut down by the animal right’s organization, which has spent a lot of its recent energy trying to memorialize lobsters killed in a truck accident with a memorial grave.

But people on the internet were living for this 420 lobster joint, even though Charlotte herself has said that patrons of the Lobster Pound wouldn’t get high from eating the food. 

One person tweeted, “You’ve heard of stone crabs …  Introducing … stoned lobsters.” Others wanted to know more about this practice, asking, “Because I have an inquiring mind…exactly how much pot is enough for the average lobster to be sufficiently blitzed to cook with out pain.” Others echoed the question, “I was wondering the same darn thing! One, two, or 6 puffs! How does he know they’re stoned? #inquiry #LobsterHigh #StonedLobster #HowMuch


Naturally, the stoners on Twitter are having a field day, tweeting, “I dunno, but if one sad day, my executioner was kind enough to offer me a big fat joint before he finished me off, I am sure I wouldn’t say no. It’s better than nothing.” Others joined in on the fun, writing “http://undefined/”Harsh toke man,’ said one lobster to the other” and “Seems more ethical than boiling them sober.”


Who are we to argue with this kind of logic, man?

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