When Lucy and Maria Alymer were born, no one was more surprised than their parents, Donna and Vince. While Donna knew she was giving birth to twins, she never expected her newborn daughters to look so different. 

Maria was born looking like her older siblings, with caramel complexion and dark curly hair, but Lucy came out with fair skin, red hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles. “It was a real shock for them because you don’t get to see stuff like skin on the scans that you undergo before giving birth,” Lucy said, per JumbleJoy. “They had no idea that we’d turn out so different, and they were completely speechless when the midwife handed us to them.” 

Growing up, Donna dressed her girls in matching outfit like typical twins but people were still surprised to learn Lucy and Maria were related. When the twins turned 10 years old, Lucy decided it didn’t make sense to dress alike any longer. “We don’t look alike, so why should we have to wear the exact same thing,” Lucy explained to Inside Edition

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