When it comes to getting scammed, there are probably fewer things worse than getting scammed with food. When it comes to faulty consumer products that aren’t edible — unless it’s a battery that explodes in your face or a piece of machinery that your life depends on — you’re just going to be out some money.

Like, if you ended up buying a prom dress online that looks like a potato sack in the mail, you’re out a few dollars and suffer some disappointment. But if you end up buying food that isn’t fresh and you eat it, well, that’s an entirely different story because food poisoning is the absolute worst (source: I had food poisoning twice and JESUS).

You’d think that a business would have some scruples when it comes to selling food to people, but I guess that the dog-eat-dog world we live in means some businessfolks aren’t afraid to cut corners and take shortcuts in the hopes of getting a leg up. 

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